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Data Overview


At MAERC we manage and distribute a wide range of climatologic, hydrologic, atmospheric, and biotic research, and monitoring data to inform scientific research, track long-term environmental change, and contribute towards regional, national and international monitoring networks that detect global trends. Our long-term goal is to have comprehensive metadata/data from monitoring and research programs available over the Internet; an increasing number of metadata/datasets are posted. Extensive spatial data (GIS and aerial imagery) are fundamental to monitoring and research activities and serve as basic descriptors of our landscape(s). We have comprehensive species lists for many plants and animals, and holding lists for the Archbold biological collection.

A detailed list of projects and project metadata can be found here

There is GIS data available for MAERC including LiDAR and many shapefiles of the MAERC landscape


MAERC publications can be found in Archbold Biological Station’s bibliography database STABIB


A list of MAERC publications is also found here.


A recent publication in Rangelands describes MAERC habitats, species, and ecosystem services in detail pdf link