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MAERC has a 334 m2 Headquarters Building with four offices, a kitchen, and meeting room for ~30.  Data management, collections, GIS lab, meeting rooms, and administrative support are provided at the Station.



MAERC has a Wet Lab and Ecosystem Lab with drying ovens, Spex CertiPrep 8000-D Mixer Mill,Tekmar A-10 analytical mill, Wily Mill, Thermolyne Muffle Furnace, µ Quant Spectrophotometer, Autoclave EZ9 Steam Sterilizer, two centrifuges, Comaerc Z Heating Plate, IsoTemp Oven, Titer Plate Shaker, and Radioisotope Gas Chromatograph, in addition to microscopes and balances.


Barns and Cattle Pens

There is a 420m2 steel barn, cattle pens, and numerous smaller barns. 



10 cottages for staff and 4 cottages, with up to 32 beds, for visiting scientists.



8 4-wheel drive pickups, 2 swamp buggies, 3 tractors and other heavy equipment, and 4 ATVs/ UTVs.


Cypress House



MAERC Office

Main Office